About Singular Productions

Singular Productions is based in Surrey, BC, Canada.

We’ve been producing DVDs since about 2004, gradually improving our techniques with each new project. Our projects have included:

  • DVDs of concerts and recitals
  • Podcasts for businesses
  • Web videos and DVDs of business seminars
  • Instructional Folk Dance DVDs
  • Wedding DVD

This branch of our business is definitely a labour of love. We enjoy making each project the best it can possibly be.

Doing these productions spawned our other business, Singular Software, which specialized in software tools to make the process of creating multi-camera and separate audio productions much easier. All Singular Software products were sold to Red Giant in 2012. Red Giant LLC specializes in film-making and motion graphics software.

Our annual project, these days, is the Lyrids Folk Dance Festival DVDs. Look for a new one each year at the end of April.