Salt Spring Island Folk Dance Festival 2006


Closing Montage of Memories

Bulgarian and Balkan dances taught by
Yves Moreau

Yves Moreau teaches Dramskoto

  • Dramskoto
  • Glaviniško Četvorno
  • Jocul Zestrei
  • Lalica
  • Narodno Oro
  • Sitna Baluca
  • Staro Planinsko Kolo
  • Staro Pomaško
  • Valle E Dardhes

Québécois and French dances taught by
France Bourque-Moreau

  • Avant-Deux Du Poitou
  • Le Cotillon
  • Jeu À Trois
  • Kost Ar Choad
  • Les P’tits Chars
  • Marion Danse
  • Valse Lancier

France Bourque-Moreau teaches Les P’tits Chars

This 2-DVD set is more than 3½ hours long and is available for only $30.
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Also includes:

2006 Salt Spring DVD Cover

2006 DVD Cover

  • Live music presented by Grupa Dunbarov

  • Party dances

  • Performances

    • Yves Moreau
    • France Bourque-Moreau
    • Kariatis Bulgarian Dancers
    • Burnaby International Folk Dancers
    • Scandinavian Dancers of Vancouver, BC
  • Booklet with all the dance instructions
  • School program